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  The 1970s
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List of Original Albums

List of Original AlbumsL

Original albums, 1950s

Original albums, 1960s

Original albums, 1970s

Just a Little Loviní,
Atlantic, 1970.

The Great American Songbook, Live at Donteís, Atlantic, 1972.

Live at Century Plaza, Atlantic, 1975.

November Girl, Black Lion, 1975.

, Temponic, 1972.

As Time Goes By, Live at the Dug in Japan, Catalyst, 1973.
(Also known by the title, Alone)

Ms Jazz, Groove Merchant, 1973. Reissued on CD in 1990, also included in the reissue Velvet Soul with It Takes a Whole Lot of Feeling.

It Takes a Whole Lot of Human Feeling, Groove Merchant, 1973.
Reissued on CD by Laserlight with 3 additional tracks under the title
Carmen McRae, The Jazz Collector Edition, 1991. Also included in the reissue Velvet Soul with
Ms. Jazz.

I Am Music, Blue Note, 1975.

At the Great American Music Hall, Blue Note, 1976.
Reissued on double CD by Toshiba EMI of Japan, 1994.

Canít Hide Love, Blue Note, 1976. Reissued by Blue Note on CD in 1993

Live at Ronnie Scott's
PRT (UK), 1977

Reissued on CD by DRG

Original albums, 1980s

Later releases, 1990s

Jazz Man 1975
1975BLP 30172
MUSICIANS: ), Tony Coe, Derek Humble, Billy Mitchell, Ronnie Scott (ts), Sahib Shihab (bar), Benny Bailey, Art Farmer, Dusko Gojkovic, Idrees Sulieman (t), Ake Persson, Erik Van Lier (tb), Jimmy Woode (b), Francy Boland (p), Kenny Clarke (d), Dizzy Gillespie (sd)

1. November Girl (Jimmy Woode, Francy Boland) 4:36
2. Just Give Me Time (Jimmy Woode, Francy Boland) 2:22
3. 'Tis Autumns (Feldman)`4:24
4. A Handful of Soul (Goykovic) 4:09

1. Dear Death (Jimmy Woode)`4:15
2. I Don't Want Nothin' From Nobody (Kenny Clarke, Jimmy Woode) 4:25
3. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me (Feldman) 4:06
4. My Kinda World (Jimmy Woode) 3:13


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