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  The 1960s
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List of Original Albums

Original albums, 1950s

Original albums, 1960s

In London, Ember, released by Kapp, 1962, CD. Reissued by Ember, 1999.

Tonight Only With The Dave Brubeck Quartet
, Columbia, 1960.

Take Five at Basin Street East w/Dave Brubeck, Columbia, 1961.

The Real Ambassadors, w/Louis Armstrong, Columbia, 1962.

Lover Man, tribute to Billie Holiday, Columbia, 1961.

Something Wonderful, Columbia, 1963. Reissued on Sony Collectables, 2001, with 3 bonus tracks.

Bittersweet, Focus, 1964. Reissued on CD by Koch Jazz, 2002.

In Person, Mainstream, (first issued by TIME under the title Live at Sugar Hill), 1963. Reissued on CD under the title Live at Sugar Hill.

Live and Doiní It, Mainstream, 1965.

Live and Wailing,
Mainstream, 1965. Reissued on Alive! 1994, Sony Legacy with Woman Talk.

Carmen McRae
, Mainstream, 1966.

Second to None, Mainstream,1964. Reissued on CD, Carmen McRae:1964
Orchestra Recordings,
2006, Lonehill.

Havenít We Met, Mainstream, 1965. Reissued on CD Carmen McRae: 1964 Orchestra Recordings, 2006, Lonehill.

Woman Talk, Live at the Village Gate. Mainstream, 1966, reissued on CD Alive! 1994, Sony Legacy.

For Once in My Life
, Atlantic, 1967. Reissued on Rhino, 2004 along with The Art of Carmen McRae, originally an LP compilation.

The Sound of Silence, Atlantic, 1968. Reissued on Rhino, 2001 with Portrait of Carmen.

Portrait of Carmen, Atlantic, 1968. Reissued on Rhino, 2001, with The Sound of Silence.

Original albums, 1970s

Original albums, 1980s

Later releases, 1990s

LP 12"
Carmen McRae (v), Paul Desmond (as), Eugene Wright (b), Dave Brubeck (p), Joe Morello (d)

1. Melanctha (D. Brubeck)
2. Weep No More (D. Brubeck, I. Brubeck) 2:45
3. Talkin' and Walkin' (G. Wright)
4. Briar Bush  (D. Brubeck, I. Brubeck) 2:49

1. Paradiddle Joe (Pugsley, Morris, Parries,Trotta) 1:58
2. Lake Lament (P. Desmond)
2. Strange Meadow Lark (D. Brubeck, I. Brubeck) 2:45
4. Tristesse (D. Brubeck)
5. Tonight Only (D. Brubeck)



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